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Liner Replacements

Beautify Your Swimming Pool

Is it time to replace your liner? We are here to help! We have over twenty years experience in liner replacements and have replaced hundreds of liners. Each liner is measured for the exact dimensions and custom made for your pool. We remove your old liner, install new faceplates and gaskets, and remove all the trash from your yard. Included with the liner replacement are discounts on pressure checking of lines, and opening or closing your pool.

Choose between Fort Wayne Vinyl Liners, Merlin Vinyl Liners, or Signature Series Vinyl Liners. Call or email us today for your free estimate.

Fort Wayne Fort Wayne vinyl liners are available in 20 and 27 mil material. With standard vinyl pool liners, the seams on the pool floor are visible. Fort Wayne’s exclusive Ultra Seam process makes floor seams stronger and virtually invisible. No more visible lines on the floor detracting from the beauty of your pool.

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MerlinAs varied as they are attractive, Merlin liners are available in both 27 mil and 20 mil thicknesses of 100% virgin vinyl – including our Value Max liners, which offers 27 mil thickness at 20 mil prices! All of our U.S.A.-made vinyls provide extra U.V. and antibacterial protection to look better, longer.

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SignatureVinyl Liners for Inground swimming pools. Signature Series liners are previous years designs at a discounted price. Choose between 20 mil and 27 mil material. Available while supplies last.

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