Is it time to replace your liner? We are here to help! We have over twenty years experience in liner replacements and have replaced hundreds of liners. Each liner is measured for the exact dimensions and custom made for your pool. We remove your old liner, install new face plates and gaskets. and remove all the trash from your yard.

We offer two different manufacturer’s vinyl liners. Latham Pool Liners and GLI Pool Liners. Below you can explore the different styles and choices to match your personal taste.

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Latham in-ground liners are available in 20 and 27 Mil material. Through our family of brands, Latham offers over 30 different elegant and exciting liner designs – the majority of which are created by our team of designers and are exclusive to Latham.

Liners are available in numerous patterns. Choosing one you enjoy is important since the liner defines the look and feel of your pool.

Carft Pool


The beauty begins from within, starting with a new inground Vinyl Liner from GLI Pool Products. And a vinyl pool liner is the foundation that will serve as the cornerstone to your backyard transformation. Selecting the perfect liner will define the theme and tone of your patio, deck or other backyard setting for many summers to come; so making the right choice right now is crucial.

Luckily for you, GLI Pool Products offers the largest selection of inground pool liners available in the region, including your choice of various color and vinyl thickness (mil) options. The selections are nearly endless and the attention to detail you will receive from our pool professionals is unmatched.

Our team of experienced designers handcrafts each liner pattern and our experts are happy to walk you through a myriad of options to ensure they match your personal style and sophistication, as well as to help create a fun and spectacular backyard atmosphere that captures your true essence!

Carft Pool

For your convenience, our team has categorized the liner patterns as follows:

  • Color Category – Make choosing a liner simple, by deciding based upon what the water color will look like! Check it out below!
  • TrueStone Collection – The Exclusive Mix & Match Liner Selection, where you can make a liner that is uniquely yours!
  • Destination Series – These liners are available in 20 or 27 mil vinyl.
  • Shimmer Stone for Destination Series – Available in 27 mil, come with GLI’s Exclusive Shimmer Stone finish.
  • Floor-Tex Series – Two exclusive patterns available with textured floor material.
  • Full Floor Liners – These patterns are available as noted in 27 or 20 mil – All GLI liners can be purchased without a tile border, they are referred to as Full Floor patterns as the pattern is just the floor pattern with no tile border.
  • Sure-Step – Textured step material that is available for all special features & steps!